Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs


Illuminated Signs

We produce all kinds of signs, illuminated embedded letters, illuminated Plexiglass signs, die cut letters, installations at height, tin signs, 3D letters and more…
Longstanding durability, customer customized design.
A quality sign attracts customers and increases sales.
Attractive prices.

At Pixelim, you can print your message directly on aluminum and guarantee durability and quality for years!

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Illuminated Signs

Pixelim offers a variety of professionally designed illuminated signs at a worthwhile price.

Skilfully manufactured illuminated signs posted in supermarkets, hotels and banks are an efficient means for attracting customer attention and increasing profits for commercial organizations. The signs establish, inter alia, the company’s image and prestige – a clear indicator of its status.

Ordering Illuminated Signs:
A major challenge facing the planners is creating an original prototype for the illuminated sign.
A professional layout combines the semantic and visual content, the brand logo color scheme and the style and image of the product or service into one consolidated item.

Our illuminated signs always harmonize with the architectural style of the building, environment and urban infrastructures, meeting all of the defined objectives. Glowing signs are immediately visible, attracting attention from a distance.

Our Offers

We mainly use lightweight and durable aluminum sheets for illuminated signs consisting of letters, logos, etc. This design provides excellent strength and visual parameters.

Illuminated signs are among the most efficient means for billboard advertising. They stand out, are expressive and reflective of the company’s operations, increasing brand awareness. They have only two disadvantages: a relatively high price and the need for permits. Nevertheless, this tool always adds to your business image, which often compensates for all of the shortcomings.

Pixelim illuminated sign production:
We use only modern and highly accurate equipment and tools. All of our projects are performed by dedicated professionals with extensive experience and expertise.

The main stages of the process:

The Design Department develops the project based on customer demands;

The Graphic Department meticulously adjust the file to the relevant printing and cutting machine;

The Production Workshops concurrently produce the illuminated sign base and frame, made of metal;

Electricians install the sign based on the light sources (LED, neon, fluorescent);

The final product is submitted for quality testing and then handed over to the customer. 

We offer to buy an illuminated sign and place it on the building facade. Passersby will see it from afar, thus guaranteeing to attract potential customers. The in-store installation of an illuminated sign is considered the most efficient marketing measure. This form of advertising will return the investment in the shortest time, increase product recognition, attract buyers and operate to enhance profits.