Printing on Acrylic Glass

Printing on Acrylic Glass


Printing on Acrylic Glass

Direct Printing on Acrylic Glass
(Plexiglass) attached to PVC is an innovative and unique product.

The image is applied directly on transparent acrylic glass (plexiglass) of 3 mm thickness: Rear printing with white ink coverage and sealing. The printed acrylic glass (Plexiglass) is attached to the rear of a white PVC sheet of the same size, using a special crystal glue. A smaller wooden frame is attached to the back of the PVC board (invisible) for distancing it from the wall and for hanging.

The rear print (on the back of the acrylic glass), together with the white ink sealing and attached PVC plate, ensures amazing sharpness and depth to the picture.

The print project uses six colors, or four when using white, creating exceptional sharpness for the image.

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Printing on Acrylic Glass

Your picture on an acrylic surface with a unique depth effect!

Add a modern aesthetic to your interior space. Acrylic drawings were never considered an item of furniture. Its frame-free surface can create a unique depth effect that will please your guests. Photos can be printed at UltraHD quality thanks to a revolutionary technology. You will get many positive reactions relating to the depth of the image created by the combination of a high quality picture and acrylic coating.

Color Printing on Acrylic
A photo printed on acrylic is really impressive in its originality where you can enjoy unusual color depth and clarity.

1. 3, 5 or 8mm photo coverage with acrylic

2. A wide variety of sizes

3. Highly representative

4. Deep color processing

5. Sharp image

6. 3D effect

Characteristics of Printing Photos on Acrylic
Acrylic was invented by German chemists in the 1930’s as an alternative to glass, calling it “organic glass”. Unlike glass, acrylic is lightweight and offers a strong structure. Acrylic is unique in its durability and elegant texture. It often serves for outdoor advertising due to its ability to transfer sunlight and distributed light. Modern designers often use acrylic for interior design. It is used for shiny ceilings, exclusively illuminated rear panels, ornamental doors and even kitchen cabinet facades. Imagine the myriad of opportunities that this material offers. If you add a photo to acrylic, you can even solve issues for designing your home, promoting harmony in a room.

:Acrylic - Mounts

The mounts themselves are made of quality stainless steel. They safely keep the picture in place and promote an elegant look. The bases are placed at the corners, fully corresponding with modern design requirements and allowing you to easily, conveniently and aesthetically hang the picture. The end to screws and nails! All about simplicity, brevity, style and comfort.

Drawing on Acrylic – Production and Quality:

Our company provides quality prints using various surfaces, including acrylic. Our experts meticulously monitor the quality of our products throughout all stages of the project as we have all of the equipment required for its production.

Useful information on UV printing on Acrylic:

Quality Printing on Acrylic
If you want to liven up and renew your office or home, adding an element like a photo printed on acrylic can be the perfect solution. Thanks to the physical characteristics of the material, you get a 3D image that perfectly complements your modern interior. We use an advanced and sophisticated printer for creating the ideal picture. Our equipment provides a perfect result – a quality printed photo with a wide variety of sharp and emphasized hues.

Photo dimensions for acrylic printing

The functionality of our equipment is almost unlimited. The final product’s format depends directly on your own wishes and needs. Choose the required size or consult with an interior designer who will advise you on what’s right for you. If you like small pictures, remember that a small picture might look detached on a large wall. We therefore recommend that you order several photos of the same theme, which will create a harmonious look. This way, you can create a daring and creative composition. You can create a very large picture that will amaze others with the depth and clarity of its colors.