Printing on PVC


Printing on PVC

PVC is a flexible plastic that can be directly printed on.

Direct PVC printing is durable for many years, both indoors and outdoors. PVC is available in various colors and at 1-30 mm thickness. The greater the thickness, the lower the flexibility.

We will print any image you want on PVC – the sky’s the limit.

The most popular PVC is 3 mm thick and white.

When using a non-white color, we can print white onto the PVC. For example, if the PVC is blue, we can use white ink to print on it.

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Printing on PVC Surfaces:

The demand for PVC printing is very high, covering multiple fields. The reason is simple – PVC is a relatively inexpensive and worthwhile material and modern industry enables you to use it to create whatever you want. PVC items or elements are everywhere, used for all aspects of design.

UV printing on PVC is excellent for products in constant use. Thanks to quality UV dyes, the colors are saturated over time under the sun, the picture will not crack or be distorted over time and the PVC qualities will help maintain its structure, even when continuously exposed to an aggressive environment.

Direct PVC printing is currently a major factor in producing various promotional structures. In terms of its performance, wide format printing on PVC is much better than silkscreen and tape roll printing. Methods for transferring photos to the desired are fading.

Why is direct PVC printing better than printing on tape rolls and why does it take less time? This dye application method enables you to work with a surface of any shape and size, quickly, efficiently and at large material quantities – definitely an advantage when producing promotional products. Therefore, if you need an urgent PVC print of a non-standard shape or size, you will definitely choose this method.

Thanks to the qualities of the work surface, PVC printing enhances the options for using advertising structures and display items. Thanks to the ability to shape the product with special colors, the UV method is unique as the dye remains on the surface and is not absorbed, it helps produce promotional products with an extended service life and enhanced durability against wear. The technologies are not stagnant and they now offer access to color printing on transparent PVC or a flat matte surface.

It is now easy to order printing on PVC of all kinds. Our company has modern multipurpose equipment and sufficient experience for guaranteeing a quality result. A picture like this, which attracts attention, will have an immediate impact!

Printing photos of picturesque landscapes or anything else can create a special atmosphere.
It is such an inexpensive and charming way for decorating the space, transforming every room into an original.

Looking for an inexpensive and quality PVC print with short turnaround times? Pixelim is happy to offer its services!

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