Die Cut Printing

Die Cut Printing


Die Cut Printing

CNC cutting for kappas, PVC and other materials of various sizes and purposes, such as: sales stations, exhibitions, children’s rooms, events and sales promotion.

At Pixelim, we print, cut and glue photos using a quick production process suited for immediate campaigns and perfect for marketing chains that seek to present enlarged products, content and promotional accessories.

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Die Cut Printing

Laser cutting is a modern and popular technology for creating precise cutouts in various types of sheet material. Cutting is performed with a direct laser beam whose intensity is determined by the target material. Laser cutting offers several advantages over milling, plasma and other material cutting methods.

  1. Laser provides a quality or cut surface that does not require further processing;
  2. High speed processing;
  3. Avoids the radius of inner corners provided by milling;
  4. Minimizes the heat-impacted area;
  5. Perfect cutting accuracy and edge parallelism unavailable with plasma embossing or cutting;
  6. Saves material by reducing waste.
  7. Complex outlines are not a problem for laser equipment.

?Die Cut Printing: What does it mean

Laser cutting is used for manufacturing industrial products (dashboards, interior boards, etc.), souvenirs, decorative elements and interior design.

Laser cutting enables you to rapidly and inexpensively cut Plexiglass, aluminum, plywood, plastic, leather, MDF and other materials.

Using our production process, you can order single products or large quantities.

Select your cutting material and learn more about our laser cutting production process:

  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Plexiglass
  • Cardboard, Paper
  • Kappa
  • PVC
  • Aluminum