Display Items


Display Items

At Pixelim, we specialize in design planning, developing and producing display facilities and promotional accessories for stores and POS, along with special stands and equipment for exhibitions.

We offer a variety of stands and display units for stores and points of sale.

Display Items


?Why display facilities

Fixed stations and mobile structures
Pixelim offers display booths produced in accordance with all technical demands and characteristics. All equipment categories come with modern design!
Customized display booths can withstand extensive weight, often presenting unusual and unique shapes and sizes, and they are distinctive thanks to their original and unique design solutions.

Exhibition Stations
Successful brand, product and service marketing and PR are often very useful on exhibition equipment. Exclusive and quality exhibition booths that can attract visitors, positively highlight the exhibition and fully demonstrate all of the displayed products.
We offer standard or tailor-made promotional display devices.

The main advantages of our exhibition stations:

  • Quality and designed exhibition stations
  • Various Lightboxes
  • Impressive presenter station

The Starsprint exhibition equipment and promotional boots are the key to success for any advertising and brand promotion campaign.

Display booth production and construction:

It is impossible to oversell the convenience and practicality of mobile stations. The clear advantages include:

1. Advertising booths like these enable you to present all kinds of goods, ranging from foods to travel services.

2. Thanks to their mobility, it takes only a few minutes to set up and dismantle the exhibition.

3. The ability to relocate the exhibition, move it within the various structures and exhibition areas.

4. Significant savings for the organizers and presenters thanks to reusability.

5. Extensive use of demo equipment provided the advertising stations were properly planned and produced.

6. Where the exhibition booth was planned according to customer demand, it guarantees that the uniqueness of the exhibition is conveyed along with the customer’s organizational style and individuality.

We produce and sell any quantity of advertising stations and all other exhibition-related products. Our offering includes display booths, panels, lightboxes, podiums, display cases and more. All of the exhibition booths that we offer are made to ensure safe and reasonable operation for all climates, ergonomic requirements and technical standards.