Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper Printing


Wallpaper Printing

Images can currently be printed on wall paper and wall stickers to create an amazing atmosphere and impressive design effect.

If you wanted an amazing view from your living room, if you dreamed of a sea view apartment or if you wanted your children to wake up to cartoon characters in their room – or whatever you can imagine – a wall sticker is the simplest and most efficient method to make your dream come true… and we are here to help you do it…

Wallpaper Printing

Select the stickers that you want! Pixelim’s online print shop produces and prints amazingly beautiful and exceptional quality stickers. We use professional equipment to print customized stickers. Order standard, round or uniquely shaped stickers (cut outs, die cut stickers).

Order the stickers that you want online, now! Online orders for specially and custom-made stickers.

Printing wall paper and wall stickers at the print shop

For years, our print shop has been offering quality service for areas so relevant to the worlds of commerce and business: 

Printing customized stickers.

If you own an organization, store, small café or even an ice cream parlor, you must have wondered who to contact for printing stickers.

Sticker types

We are glad to supply a wide variety of stickers. The most popular stickers are:

Standard stickers

Frequently used, usually square or rectangular. Upon your request, we can find any format of stickers of this kind.

Round stickers

Available on our website in various diameters (1-20 cm). Send us a logo file or any layout that you want on your stickers, or create your own round sticker by yourself.

Free form stickers

are made to order. They are suitable if you want to stand out among potential customers and attract more attention by preparing a unique sticker for your business.

Sticker sizes

can vary greatly. We will prepare your stickers at any size: Ranging from tiny to very large stickers for display windows and glass, even stickers for display booths.

Sticker printing cost

Sticker price depends mainly on its size and material: Adhesive paper (standard) or version (more expensive, water resistant).

Select the type of sticker that is right for you, design it and begin using it for advertising and marketing. In addition, the stickers can be used for decoration, as a gift or for advertising purposes. People often contact our print shop to produce special stickers for vehicles.

Interesting facts about printing stickers

Printing stickers on paper with an adhesive strip.

The idea is almost a “million-dollar” concept.

According to standards of printing history, printing stickers on paper with an adhesive strip is a relatively young technology, it is not yet 50 years old. We are not talking about round or ornately shaped stickers, but of stickers in general. In practice, the invention did not relate to printing stickers (the technology for printing on paper and adhesive strips existed for a long time), but rather to the technology for producing the stickiest strip – the chemical formula for the adhesive and, most importantly, the technology on printing it on adhesive paper. The invention began with the substrate being covered with a layer of silicon, only then followed by glue – it was almost a “million dollar” invention! The appearance of the sticker resounded in all markets. The products and packages were completely transformed, making the invention brilliant, long lasting, efficient and modern. In the late 1970’s, printing stickers on paper with an adhesive strip took on a “viral” nature. Many adults remember that Japanese audio manufacturers used stickers to attach their boxes and large companies around the world enjoyed true advertising growth thanks to their logo stickers. Perhaps the clearest symbol of all possibilities that the stickers offer is the Formula 1 car, whose surfaces are sealed with logos printed on paper with an adhesive strip as well as simple and inexpensive paper.

Sticker production should be divided into two type – producing stickers on paper with an adhesive strip and producing paper based stickers. The sticker shape is not important: It can be rectangular or square (standard stickers), round or unique freeform stickers. The paper based sticker is more suitable for interior use, while the film backed sticker is best for more aggressive outdoor environments as it is more protected against fading in the sun Another difference is that, in general, stickers on tape can be relatively easily removed from the surface without causing damage and leaving marks, while it is difficult it remove paper based stickers (they are torn and worn when they peel), leaving adhesive residues. 

We see stickers in stores, at home and at work every day, we see them in display windows, on food packaging and even on the fuel filling cap on our car.

There are unique stickers of a die cut shape, thanks to a precise cutting plotter with a knife that goes over all layout bends, cutting the upper layers and carving out the template. Thus, the sticker remains whole and can be easily removed from the template. 

Such a complex operation of printing stickers and, even more so, producing custom made logo stickers, must rely on experienced experts using professional printing equipment. Pixelim uses the most innovative equipment manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers, which can rapidly and efficiently solve the most complicated technological and design problems. Various formats for printing stickers on paper with adhesive tape and films. That is our direct specialty as a modern print shop. Specializing in printing advertising material. Our print shop has successfully processed all nuances of printing and cutting stickers on adhesive paper and it can fill any order for printing high quality stickers. The stickers are available in various formats – rectangular, round and any other shape you choose.