Printing on Plexiglass

Printing on Plexiglass


Printing on Plexiglass

Printing on Plexiglass offers a high quality and sharp result.

We will print any image you want on Plexiglass – the sky’s the limit.

The print project is done on an HP Scitex printer, 162 cm wide and of unlimited length. The print project uses six colors, or four when using white.

The Plexiglass is provided with holes and screws for you to hang it if you want.

Plexiglass is available in various colors and thicknesses.

When dealing with transparent Plexiglass, we print white ink on the back to fully cover the image. Printing 

on the back enhances image sharpness.

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Printing on Plexiglass

Very impressive results can be achieved by printing on Plexiglass for decorative purposes. Dreaming to create a unique atmosphere in your home and office? A design solution like this one is the most suitable option. Organic glass (acrylic) is very popular in industry, construction, plumbing projects and as decorative design solutions. Plexiglass is strong, flexible and lightweight.

UV printing can be applied to Plexiglass anywhere on an any element. You can decorate interior doors, surfaces, drawer facades, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and more. Original, abstract pictures or photos taken from miniaturized models offer amazing results. All of the details, big and small, are exceptionally highlighted and styled. Do you want to surprise your guests? Order a designed acrylic board and attach it to the ceiling.

Thanks to the material’s strength and flexibility and thanks to our modern technology and equipment, we can create various and complex shapes with Plexiglass, including transparent furniture. These products can become the highlight of your designed space if you use quality printing on Plexiglass and original prints.

Plexiglass can be transparent or matte, with a smooth surface and amazing texture. It’s all about the additives to the material and its processing. Working with acrylic glass definitely requires experience. UV printing on acrylic is possible with transparent and smooth materials. There are only limits to material thickness. The material for UV printing on Plexiglass should be 0.1-65 mm.

Before applying the selected image to the Plexiglass, it is treated with primer. This guarantees better color and material adhesion. The template applied to the surface is placed in a uniform manner, filling in the extruded elements, is long lasting and does not chip or fade. For repairs, photos printed on acrylic are meticulously processed with UV rays.

Why is acrylic printing so popular today? It is a fast, cost-effective and original method for decorating the home or office. Less pathos, more style and fashionable freshness.

Do you want to introduce your company or stand out among the competitors?

UV printing on Plexiglass is not limited to signs or office boards. Branded acrylic glass looks great on advertising structures, lightbox and stations with indoor lighting. A promotional element like this stands out from afar, enabling you to attract the attention of potential customers.

Pixelim has been successfully promoting its services for years, employing and ambitious team of creative thinkers. We are not afraid of the work and challenges of the project. Our turnaround time and Plexiglass printing costs are directly derived of order complexity and customer desires.